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Our Vision

To create engaging experiences that resonate and connect the world together.

The DEJI name

Brainstorming, the 3 founders of DEJI attempted to name the company that would find itself completely disrupting the digital agency space. We reached out to a myriad of companies to help decide on a name and after many months and countless sleepless hours with no success, one of our founders decided to look to Google Translate for advice. That was when the DEJI name was born.


The DEJI name was derived from the Japanese word for "digital" - dejitaru. It's our second greatest passion! Our greatest passion is helping you grow your business.

DEJItaru - デジタル

Japanese - Noun


Your Digital Success Partners


Our Difference

We believe that we must foster a partnership with you that is based on trust and true outcomes. That's why we do not believe in locked-in contracts. We work with you like we're a part of your team and learn everything there is to learn. Only after determining that we can truly help you do we partner with you as, without contracts, the only thing keeping our partnership together is the successes we bring to the table. That's the DEJI difference.

How We Do It

At DEJI, our team is built only of senior-level staff who are not only experts in the digital space but are truly passionate about the success of our partners.  Through the years, we've defined many practices and principals that are unique to us and help us help you. From DEJI Connect, where we intricately define your messaging together, to DEJI Micro-Campaigns where we effectively find the people looking for your services and bring them your story.

How it started

DEJI was founded to help people grow their brands and businesses in unconventional ways. It all started with 3 people who have extensive backgrounds in the digital space. After many years of working with other agencies and consulting firms, we found that traditional agencies focused too much on just the website they were building or just the ad campaigns they were running, giving little emphasis on their client's business holistically. We knew we could do it better and that was when the seeds for the company that would become DEJI were planted.


At DEJI, our focus is solely on the success of your business. We're here to discuss all the nitty-gritty details and then formulate strategies tailored specifically to you that will help you tell your story, get more clients, grow your business and solve the problems that are slowing you down.

How it started

Our Mission

To help you reach the people whose lives you will enrich through the services you provide.

By understanding you and your business, we're able to help get your message across to the people who need it through engaging experiences, strategic messaging, robust marketing and a whole lot of passion (and coffee).

This is no ordinary contact form.

This is the start of a wonderful relationship!

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Let's chat!

We're always looking to help you grow. Whether you're starting something new or looking to take your business to the next level, we're here to help! We'd love to learn more about you and discuss how we can help you grow. Let's talk about what makes you special and get you some competitive insights into what your competition is doing!

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