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Evolving Your Business

Companies are evolving quickly in response to today’s climate. COVID-19 is a major concern and our government is responding by mandating the closure of the majority of businesses. Foot traffic in our cities at an all-time low, many businesses are forced to shut their doors and many companies pivoting to Work-From-Home policies to continue running. Once busy streets are now sparse with few out and about.

With streets sparse and foot traffic at an all-time low, some businesses are choosing to wait it out. Others have no choice but to close permanently. Then there are businesses that are evolving and thriving.

For example, restaurants that have traditionally relied on foot traffic and an in-house experience are now facing unprecedented challenges. With major offices and technology companies being the first to lead the charge of Work-From-Home policies, many cafes and restaurants who relied on the daily grind overnight were faced with empty footpaths and empty seats.

Walking down those same streets today and the majority of these establishments are now closed. Some however have pivoted, moving to takeaway-only and leveraging apps such as UberEats and Deliveroo to get their goods out the door. This has caused a significant boom for these online ordering companies. While this model works for many, others state that these apps simply take too large of a cut out of the order for it to be financially viable.

Taking Control

Due to the large cuts that companies such as UberEats, Deliveroo and the many other companies that provide online ordering services, other restaurants have decided to take control and bring their online orders in-house. Restaurants like Master Hot Pot Canley Vale have taken their menu and recreated it online to provide their patrons a seamless way to order their favourite dishes!

Master Hot Pot is a unique experience. Walking in the door, patrons are greeted with a huge selection of ingredients, toppings and soup options that customers can choose from. This is then cooked fresh and served with a huge selection of condiments to truly customise each dish to the individual. While this is an amazing in-store experience, this does not translate easily to typical online ordering applications that have been set up to suit the typical restaurant.

Master Hot Pot has taken control and recreated their menu online for customers away from the traditional online ordering apps available today. This is a win-win for both Master Hot Pot and it’s patrons. Master Hot Pot is able to fully customise the menu system for their complex needs, allowing greater control over how their customers order and ensuring an enjoyable and seamless experience for their patrons. On top of this, they don’t need to pay the high fees associated with typical delivery apps.

For their patrons, they get a fantastic experience and the lack of fees means much of those savings are passed onto them allowing them to enjoy their favourite meals without the UberEats mark-ups!

While some custom work was needed from our end to accommodate Master Hot Pot's more complex ordering system, most businesses can do this themselves! Through platforms such as, you're able to create amazing experiences for your customers and bring your online menu online yourself!

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